We are very honoured to have one of the most passionate and inspired teaching fam around! Our Warrior Fam understands that yoga & fitness is a lot more than just exercise or stress relief. We believe that it is a life-long practice which encourages presence, peace and self-love.

Warrior Studios Singapore - Melanie
The Yummy Mummy
Warrior Studios Singapore - Fizzy
The Deady-Pool
Warrior Studios Singapore - Jacqueline
The Leggings Lover
The Fungi(rl)
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The Cutie Pie
Warrior Studios Singapore - Jeanette
The Energizer Bunny
Warrior Studios Singapore - Kimberley
The Drama Queen
The Low-key Nerd
The Bookworm
Warrior Studios Singapore - Jamie
The Pocket Rocket
Warrior Studios Singapore - Dani
The Budukon Queen
Warrior Studios Singapore - What Our Students Say

 It starts on the mat and slowly creeps into every aspect of your life.

Scroll down to hear what some of our students have to say about our wonderful team.


Ping Yen Yeo

Warrior Studios holds a special place in my heart as it is where I started my Yoga journey. In my first every Mellow Flow class, I felt like a fish out of water, having to constantly look at Jacq (the instructor then) to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Jacq was ever so encouraging knowing that I was completely new to Yoga. A week later, I was left gasping for breath at the end of YogaHIIT class with Mel, feeling sheepish that I once thought Yoga was ‘easy’. 


Fast forward a year and a half later, I’ve become a fairly regular face at Warrior, and more importantly, I’ve become good friends with Mel and Jacq, my first Yoga instructors. I’ve also had the chance to meet the other highly experienced and friendly instructors like Fizzy and Jeanette (whose classes are almost always oversubscribed) as Warrior expanded amidst the ongoing pandemic.


Warrior Studios, I think, is a place for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, a place to meet like-minded people, and a place that almost feels like a second home now.

Louisa Tan

Warrior Studios has always been a safe space for me to come to - whether to kickstart my week or at the end of a crazy day. Beyond a place to just practice yoga, the friendly people & homely space have made the studio a place where I can explore the state of my mind and body.


Shoutout to Fizzy & Mel for always encouraging me to accept where my body is but also challenging within reasonable limits!

Jennie Kosasih

Warrior Studios is the only yoga studio I go to and have been with them ever since they started in Hmlet Cantonment. The teachers are great and all of them are very passionate about yoga. They are also super friendly and always try to make all students feel comfortable in the studio. All of them are very caring and honestly they are not just teachers to me, they are mentors and also great friends.


Mel and Jacq are my favourite teachers - they always try to make each class fun and tough at the same time! Mel, the owner of the studio, also goes the extra mile to ensure the students are equipped with the best mats, blocks, straps and also with the prettiest studio! She only gets the best quality goods for the studio. I always recommend Warrior Studios to my friends and I’ve only heard positive feedbacks from them!