Is this your first time at Warrior Studios? We warmly welcome you to our beautiful

studio and our Warrior Kula.


Please take a moment to read the following studio etiquette:

1. Do without the electronics
Turn off your phones, iPads and watches, or simply don’t bring them into the studio. Our practice is an opportunity to disconnect in order to connect.


2. Enjoy the quiet

Please practice silence before, during and after each class. Be wary of distracting others. Take this time to turn inward, become centered, and be totally present in class. 


3. Arrive early

It is beneficial to arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts to settle in and prepare yourself for practice. Unfortunately, late arrivals will not be permitted into the class.


4. Stay until the end of class

Try not to skip Savasana, or at least let the teacher know prior to class and leave quietly before it starts

5. Clean up

Wipe down your mat after class, roll it back up and place it back into the pigeon holes. Put away all props neatly where you found them.


6. Honour your limits

Let the teacher know about any injuries or medical conditions that may affect your practice. 


7. Have respect
Respect the teacher, other students, the practice, the teachings, the space and all its your surroundings


8. Apply “Saucha”

Saucha (Sanskrit शौच) literally means cleanliness, purity and clearness. Remove your shoes before class and leave them outside the studio door.

9. Practice “Ahimsa”
Ahimsa (Sanskrit अहिंसा) means avoidance of violence towards others and having respect for all living things. Refrain from cursing and bringing gossip, negativity and drama in this sacred space.


10. Self-awareness

Be mindful of the space you occupy. Do make space for others if the class is full. It is also common courtesy to stagger your mats so that those around you also have a clear view of the teacher.


11. Show gratitude

There is no better way to honour the practice than to spread peace and love to everyone around you throughout your day.