Warrior Studios was largely inspired by the





The teaching says, “We might think that helping others will drain us. But when we become bodhisattva-warriors—using our wisdom and compassion to extend our lives to others—our own suffering is relieved.”



Here at Warrior Studios, we believe that every one of us has the ability to awaken and help others in meaningful ways, no matter how big or small. Once we let go of our self-centred worries, we become a BodhiSattva-Warrior and it is the highest fulfilment of all.

We stand by three ideas



It is a Sanskrit word that translates as “community”, “clan” or “tribe”. We want to create a community of people with shared values and a sense of connection with one another. We hope to move away from the traditional idea that “yoga” or “fitness” as a personal practice, but to include more social connections with others as well.



Yoga literally means “union”. As one Kula, we aspire to encourage one another to come to the mat to explore and practice accepting ourselves as unique individuals regardless of how we're manifesting at any moment in time; beautiful, uncomfortable, delicate, cluttered, raw. 



It comes in physical, emotional and spiritual forms. We aim to give a full and whole hearted experience to our members by offering a wide array of classes, workshops, teachers and a warm Kula to bring balance into their lives.  


Warrior Studios
Level 3
10B Lorong Telok
049023 Singapore


Hidden within the bustling Boat Quay, Warrior Studios is your perfect hideaway to create your balance. Our cozy studio is fully equipped and inclusive, creating a comfortable environment and a safe space for you to achieve your fullest potential.












What do I need for my first class?

The most important thing to take along is yourself, and an open mind! We suggest bringing some water - we have water coolers to fill your re-usable bottles. At Warrior Studios, we are fully equipped with all that you need - yoga mats, blocks and straps by Manduka and other necessary props. If you’d like to use your own yoga mat and towel, please feel free to bring it along! O ur face towels and bath towels are available for rent at $2 and $3 respectively.

Do I need to pre-register for class? If so, how do I do it?

We highly recommend signing up for a class in advance to reserve a mat. We have limited mats in class, and spots fill up quick! Simply book your classes online HERE, or click the “ JOIN US” button at the top right corner of this page. Alternatively, you can download the MindBody app on your mobile phone, and find us at “Warrior Studios”. There, you are able to access our updated schedule, book for classes, purchase pricing options at any time. Should you run into any problems with the above, do let us know and we are more than happy to help.

What are your cancellation policies for group classes?

As there are many safe distancing and safety measures in place due to Covid-19, mats in our studio are very limited! To be fair and considerate to other fellow Warriors, we have a 6-hour cancellation window prior to class commencement for Warrior package holders. ClassPass attendees have a 12-hour cancellation window as per their policies.

What does it mean when I am waitlisted for a class?

Some classes can get filled up faster than others, and therefore we have a waitlist feature. Do add yourself onto the waitlist, as cancellations often occur and you are likely to get a spot! There are no charges if you do not get into your desired class from the waitlist.
If a spot frees up, you will be added into the class up until 2 hours before class commencement.
An email will be sent to you, so please be sure to check your email or the Mindbody App!
Note: Do be mindful and remove yourself off the waitlist should you no longer want to attend the class.

How early do I have to arrive before class? What happens if I am late?

If it is your first time at Warrior Studios, we highly recommend arriving at least 5-10 minutes before class starts to get yourself familiar with the studio and it’s surroundings. For regulars, we still do recommend coming in at least 5 minutes prior to class commencement to check in, get changed, set up and settle down on your mat for practice. Stuff happens though, and we totally get it. However, every class starts and ends on time to provide a peaceful experience for everyone. Therefore, in order to avoid disruption of the class, please be aware that there is a 5 minutes grace period. Thereafter, the studio doors will be locked for safety and security purposes.

What should I wear to class?

We advise you to wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move around in. Lightweight and breathable exercise outfits are best as they absorb sweat and dries quickly. For our long-haired friends, please remember a hairband!
We also recommend removing any accessories and jewelry that could disrupt or cause discomfort during classes.

Welche Versandmethoden und Preise gibt es?

Der Versand erfolgt durch die Schweizerische Post. Die Berechnung des Preises basiert auf dem Gesamtpreis der Bestellung des Kunden. Der kalkulierte Preis beinhaltet auch die Verpackungskosten. Für den Versand ausserhalb der Schweiz kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.

bis zu 50 CHF : 5 CHF 50 CHF - 80 CHF: 4 CHF 80 CHF - 100 CHF: 3 CHF über 100 CHF: kostenlos
Expressversand: bis zu 50 CHF: 10 CHF 50 CHF - 80 CHF: 8 CHF 80 CHF - 100 CHF: 6 CHF 100 CHF - 120 CHF: 3 CHF über 120 CHF: kostenlos

Kann Nohabe ausserhalb der Schweiz liefern?

Als Vorgabe nein, wir liefern normal in die Schweiz/Liechtenstein. Aber in bestimmten Fällen mit Sondertarifen können wir das tun. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen.

Wie bezahle ich im Webshop?

Sie können mit den folgenden Methoden bezahlen: Kredit-/Debitkarten Online-Überweisung (mit Klarna) Offline-Zahlung: Barzahlung (nur bei Abholung der Produkte möglich), Überweisung oder Twint (bitte warten Sie auf weitere Informationen in einer separaten E-Mail)