Our Warrior Philosophy

Warrior Studios was largely inspired by the

Bodhi-Sattva Warrior. The teaching says:


          We might think that helping others will drain us. But when we become bodhisattva-warriors - using our wisdom and compassion to extend our lives to others- our own suffering is relieved.

Here at Warrior Studios, we believe that every one of us has the ability to awaken and help others in meaningful ways, no matter how big or small. Once we let go of our self-centered worries, we become a BodhiSattva-Warrior and it is the highest fulfillment of all.

We stand by three ideas:

Warrior Studios Singapore - Community


“Kula” is a Sanskrit word that translates as “community”, “clan” or “tribe”. We want to create a community of people with shared values and a sense of connection with one another. We hope to move away from the traditional idea of “yoga” or “fitness” as a personal practice, but to include more social connections with others as well.

Warrior Studios Singapore - Unity


Yoga literally means “union”. As one Kula, we aspire to encourage one another to come to the mat to explore and practice accepting ourselves as unique individuals regardless of how we're manifesting at any moment in time; beautiful, uncomfortable, delicate, cluttered, raw.

Warrior Studio Singapore - Balance


It comes in physical, emotional and spiritual forms. We aim to give a full and whole hearted experience to our members by offering a wide array of classes, workshops, teachers and a warm Kula to bring balance into their lives.  

Warrior Studios Singapore - Our Studio

Our Studio & Amenities

Warrior Studios

Level 3

10B Lorong Telok

049023 Singapore

Warrior Studios is your perfect hideaway to create your balance. Our cosy space boasts a warm and down-to-earth atmosphere, with wooden elements and Balinese inspired decor. Our studio is fully equipped and inclusive, creating a comfortable environment and a safe space for you to achieve your fullest potential. 

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